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My name is Amey

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

I’m a Visualizer and Painter from India. I have completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting) with majors in Portrait and Composition. Through courses in life drawing and painting, I have learnt expressive use of colors and about lights and shadows. Majoring in Portrait and Composition enhanced my knowledge and gave me an opportunity to work in contemporary art which included abstract, semi-realistic & realistic paintings; realistic painting being my forte. I have also been exposed to commercial art including photography, typography, lettering and 

sculpting. I have aced the Intermediate Drawing examination which is the entrance examination for admission to Fine Art schools. I have designed and made permanent tattoos, designed websites, painted walls & canvasses commercially for restaurants, lounges and studios. I also have experience in using air brush on metal surfaces, wood and wall. I was also a story board artist and to this effect made an animated clip on environment protection. Having a keen interest in sculpting, I created several clay murals from scratch. In addition to my education, I have worked in Yellow Design Studio as Visualizer and Senior Artist for more than 2 years,
 on nearly 120 projects. In this capacity, I worked with clients to bring their ideas to life through my designs. I managed the entire workflow for projects; right from initial specifications, setting style guidelines & standards to its delivery. As Senior Artist, I worked on illustrations, vector art, digital painting, 3D rendering softwares and visual merchandising. Basic intention to come up with this blog is to showcase some of my work and have a feedback from you all.
If you have any suggestion please feel free to comment.  

Professional Skills

I'm the designer for the China's first themed black light entertainment center. Studying chromodepth theory for the better results in the black light painting

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